New signing to Pedigree Cuts (EMI/Warner), home to Goldie, Ulrich Schnauss, Shawn Lee, Boca 45, Skeewiff and many more.

Ewan Hoozami (Pronounced: /youˈn'hooz'arr'mee / YOU-n-hooz-ARR-mee / "You and whose army") mixes sampling, songwriting and cutting edge production techniques to weave a sound with one foot in the glory days of hip-hop, disco and funk, and the other striding towards the future.

Originally a rapper/poet, Ewan Hoozami took up DJing in the early 00's and won the first comp he entered. From that moment he was hooked, and has played over 1000 shows since. Initially 'just' a hip-hop DJ, he learned his trade among the finest turntablists in Bristol while amassing a huge funk/world vinyl collection and developing a passion for electronic music and soulful/emotive vocals.

In 2007 he bought an MPC and started making dusty trip-hop beats using samples from his ever-expanding vinyl collection.
His debut EP came out in 2009 on Dusted Wax, following which he has put out an album (Wildebeats, 2009) and dozens of other releases and remixes on small indie labels.

Ewan has developed a unique approach to songwriting which he uses to create simultaneously urban and futuristic yet soulful and organic music. 2013 has even seen him pick up the microphone again to lay down rap and singing vocals on many of his compositions and become the frontman for his live band.

He's taken his music as far as Croatia and Greece, all over the UK and to dozens of festivals large and small - either DJing a rabble-rousing blend of the freshest beats, or performing his original material with his full live band

With the worldwide release of his Robot Soul album, and a new EP out in May on the world famous Goodgroove label, Ewan Hoozami is a name to watch in 2014.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Mouse Outfit feat. Dr Syntax - We Ain't Goin Nowhere (Ewan Hoozami refix!)

Supported these guys with my live band in London and DJing up in Scotland last year and fuck me they're good! Love this album and always thought this tune could have been given a funky refix, so figured I'd do exactly that.
Support the original artists - buy The Mouse Outfit - Escape Music here…ic/2235687-02/

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


It's competition time! Particle Zoo Recordings are proud to present Dave Remix's brand spanking new EP (And I MEAN spanking!) - 4 slices of original bassweight party smashers straight that need to get up in your grill.
And not only that, PZR are offering you a chance to win a goodie bag filled with T-shirts, stickers and unreleased PZR material! Just click on the photo above and share it on Facebook to be automatically entered.

Check out the EP below and download it absolutely FREE, or make a donation of your choice.. you know, if you still feel like top quality music should be paid for ;-)

Monday, 24 February 2014

Robot Soul album OUT NOW!

Drum roll please... after 2 years of hard work, complaining neighbours, awesome collaborators and a fantastic label, my new album is finally on sale!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Skin Too Deep single out now!

The lead single from my new album is out now, featuring stunning remixes from Mr Bird and Handprint & The Time Twins.
Available on Juno Download, iTunes and all good digital stores, it even featured on the iTunes front page earlier this week!

Plus, check out the review from Juno: West Country producer Ewan Hoozami recently relocated to Brighton in a bid to give his career a kick up the backside. It seems to have paid off, as this is his most rounded and developed production yet. Whereas previous releases have focused on funk breaks, "Skin Too Deep" is a slice of woozy disco-pop, complete with his own impassioned vocals. Mr Bird adds a little swing and heavier bottom end, making the most of Hoozami's funk-flecked guitars. Finally, Handprint & The Time Twins give the track a little more house flavour, while retaining the original synths, guitar and vocals.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Ramp FM: Choice Cuts feat. Ewan Hoozami

New Mixtape!

I was asked to do a mix for Ramp FM's Choice Cuts show. Big ups to Paddy for the invite. Having not done a proper studio mixtape for quite a while I thought I'd go to town on this one. Also, it is the first mix I recorded with my new set up of one turntable, Rane TTM56 mixer and fully primed MPD32. It was a bit weird without the right hand deck at first, but it's also really cool having much greater live looping, FX and beat-doubling options to hand. I'm definitely going to stick with it.

Anyway, hope you dig the mix. It's dedicated to my beautiful fiancee Hayley.

Support the artists that made the music in this mix by following the links and purchasing the tracks... music will die unless we feed it.

1) Wax Tailor - Down in Flames feat. Sara Genn (Wax Tailor
2) J-Dilla - Body Movin' (Stones Throw….../id307367687‎)
3) Grand Theft - We Run Dis (Top Billin' Top-billin – Grandtheft-we-run-this-free FREE DOWNLOAD)
4) Flume - Sintra (Future Classic
5) Ewan Hoozami - Through With Love (Dub - 2013 remix Ewan-hoozami – Ewan-hoozami-through-with-love FREE DOWNLOAD)
6) Pretty Lights - My Other Love (Pretty Lights Music
7) Super Combo Funk - Don't Need No Dope (Funk Against Fascism)…sm/1852106-02/)
8) Edan - Emcees Smoke Crack (Lewis Recordings…ck/release/356737)
9) Frenic - Nature Blues (Frenic Frenic – 4-nature-blues)
10) Tom Showtime - Spaces & Places feat. Lotek, Gift of Gab & Ash One (DJ Maars reggae re-skank) (unreleased Djmaars – Tom-showtime-spaces-places)
11) B.Visible - Priceless Smile (Riddim Fruit…-02/?trackid=2)
12) David Shaw & The Beat - Infected (Her Majesty's Ship
13) Ewan Hoozami - Moneylenders (unreleased)
14) Hartley & Wolfe - Walk on the Wild Side (BBE Bbemusic – Walk-on-the-wild-side)
15) Souleance - Georgian Kiss (First Word
16) Sly & The Family Stone - If You Want Me To Stay (Funk Ferret re-edit) (unreleased Funkferret – If-you-want-me-to-stay-funk FREE DOWNLOAD)
17) Wu Tang Til Infinity (Wick-It remix) (unreleased Wick-it – Wu-tang-till-infinity)
18) Featurecast - Going, Going, Gone feat. C. Reid) (Jalapeno…inal-mix/3336831)
19) Ewan Hoozami -All Quiet feat. Blacksmith (Substatic Remix) (forthcoming, Pig Balls Records)
20) Ewan Hoozami - Brouhaha (Dave Remix Remix) (forthcoming, Pig Balls Records)
21) DJ Alias - Funkrion feat. Dephicit (Riddim Fruit…ep/2108019-02/)
22) Lea Lea - Dead Girl Walking (Wah Wah 45
23) Womack & Womack - Baby I'm Scared Of You (Elektra…ou/release/714560)
24) Roast Beatz - Pour Me feat. Mystro (Jimi Needles Remix) (Boogie Boutique…ep/2179748-02/)
25) Ewan Hoozami - Skin Too Deep (Mr Bird remix) (Forthcoming, Pedigree Cuts)
26) Ta-Ku - Closer (Soulection Soulection – Ta-ku-closer-1 FREE DOWNLOAD)
27) Bonobo - We Could Forever (Ninja Tunes
28) Kraak & Smack - Hold Back Love (Neighbour & Elan B Remix) (Jalapeno Kraaksmaak – Hold-back-love-feat-lex-1)
29) Ewan Hoozami - Skin Too Deep (Handprint & the Time Twins Remix) (Forthcoming, Pedigree Cuts)
30) Ill Blu - Chelt (Red Eye records…-meltdown-ep‎)
31) Leon Vynehall - Homage (Well-rounded Records
32) STEGA - Her Love (Is All I Need) (unreleased @stega-bass FREE DOWNLOAD)
33) STEGA - Could Be Mine (unreleased @stega-bass FREE DOWNLOAD)

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Robot Soul Video Teaser now up!

Proudly presented for your viewing pleasure... Snippets of all 11 tracks from the new album mixed with live footage from shows in Bristol, London and Brighton. Robot Soul out Feb 2014 on Pedigree Cuts Shouts to Alex, Elliot & Hannah at Pedigree Cuts. Props to Onesoul, Colleen Quinn and Ill Literate for additional vocals. Tom Ainscough on drums (live). Brendan White for additional guitar. Jack Baldus for additional synths/piano/rhodes.

Friday, 4 October 2013

New beat alert!

MPC toughness, not sure what the plans are for this yet so it may come down soon... in the meantime, enjoy!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Moneylenders (live) - New Video

I'm gearing up for a live tour to promote my forthcoming album, and to give a little taste of my live show, check out this brand new live video where I perform a new track 'Moneylenders'as a 'one man band'. There is also a 'full band' version, which you can hear below this video

Particle Zoo Recordings launched! Free Box Rocket EP!

I'm delighted to announce the launch of my new record label Particle Zoo Recordings!
Created with my good friend Dave Remix, Particle Zoo is a vehicle for our dancefloor-orientated, bass-heavy productions.
To launch the label, we are giving away a series of free EPs. First up is Dave and my production duo Box Rocket 's long awaited debut EP. We have taken cult classics and given them the bass treatment, to devastating effect.

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