I'm a DJ, producer, crate-digger, MPC basher, vocalist and all-round good egg by the name of Ewan Hoozami.
I've been played on BBC Radio 6, Solid Steel Radio, Radio Popolare (Italy), and BBC Introducing, released music on Pedigree Cuts, Goodgroove Records, Big M and many more, and DJ'd all over the UK and Europe.
I loosely centre my music around Funk, Hip-hop, Disco and Soul. I love basslines. And drums.
When I'm not doing Ewan Hoozami stuff I can be found doing the following (deep breath):
Running Particle Zoo Recordings
Writing & performing:
House/bass as STEGA
Wonky electronic hip-hop as Sirklz
Bassweight remixes of cult classics as one half of Box Rocket
Analogue sci-fi disco as one half of The Mind-Reading Space Lasers.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Nice review of my album here - CLICK

EWAN HOOZAMI: Wildebeats LP – 2010

It’s ‘next generation’ time for the Bristol sound as rising producer Ewan Hoozami, (like Parker before him) batters on the genre’s door with his refix of the mild, mild west’s beats n’ bass heavy sonic template for the dubstep and nufunk/ ghettofunk era. Basically that means tempos are up, percussive patterns are a little more detailed, basslines go wonky and the dancefloor is invaded more times in one album than in Massive Attack’s entire back catalogue.

Wildebeats is an eleven-tracker that veers from dreamy soundscapes to funky uptempo dancefloor breaks and everything in between. Opener Déjà Vu brings a thunderous bassline that alone sets the tone for the LP but is augmented with big drums, a hammond loop and a wealth of vocal samples. Next up is Tijuanasaurus Rex which demonstrates Hoozami’s signature heavily-syncopated breakbeats while Hopscotch heads into ‘nu-skool breakz’ territory and Falcon Punch recalls The Prodigy in their less cheesy moments. Stand-outs are the classy Soul Step which, as the title implies, comes on like dubstep might if it was made in the late sixties in New Orleans, the crazy-heavy scattershot funky-soul breaks and dusty vocal sample of the crowd-pleasing Drinking Song and the even crazier scattershot percussion of Love Loves Karaoke which rinses a sample of Professor Longhair’s ancient funk 45 Big Chief. Then he goes and wraps things up with something much more along the lines of the mid-nineties Bristol sound – the chilled hip-hop of All Quiet showcasing the vocal talents of rapper Blacksmith.

I’m still not sure if you pronounce the title with a long ‘i’ like in ‘wild beast’ or with a short-one as in ‘wildebeest’ as the (rather nice) cover art would suggest but I imagine big beat hunters everywhere will want to track down and acquire this particular piece of musical game to show off on whatever device people play their music on these days…Press guff below links…
(Out 6 December, 2010 on Pig Balls Records)

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