I'm a DJ, producer, crate-digger, MPC basher, vocalist and all-round good egg by the name of Ewan Hoozami.
I've been played on BBC Radio 6, Solid Steel Radio, Radio Popolare (Italy), and BBC Introducing, released music on Pedigree Cuts, Goodgroove Records, Big M and many more, and DJ'd all over the UK and Europe.
I loosely centre my music around Funk, Hip-hop, Disco and Soul. I love basslines. And drums.
When I'm not doing Ewan Hoozami stuff I can be found doing the following (deep breath):
Running Particle Zoo Recordings
Writing & performing:
House/bass as STEGA
Wonky electronic hip-hop as Sirklz
Bassweight remixes of cult classics as one half of Box Rocket
Analogue sci-fi disco as one half of The Mind-Reading Space Lasers.

Monday, 19 December 2011

FREE album from Johnny Pluse

Irish badboy Johnny pluse is back... not that he's been away long. A free album just in time for xmas, and a tasty one too. It's almost like a covers album... straight sampling and reworking a dozen or so classic party starters, often not changing all that much of the originals, just giving them a little re-rub and maximising their dancefloor impact. I'm really impressed at the song choices and the subtlety of this... many people think you have to completely re-invent songs you remix, but JP shows you can just add a little love and come out with some serious heat! There's a lot of fun going on here... check out the previews

  THIS WILL TWIST UR HEAD _ ** FREE ALBUM** by johnnypluse

And download the whole album free here

Friday, 16 December 2011

New release - Johnny pluse 'The Market Street Cut Up'

Ya boy Hoozami is back once again with the ill behaviour... 

5 releases out since November 6th! FIVE! Pretty amazing really, I've had a great year. Thanks to everyone for their support. My last release of 2011 could well be my favourite. I've been feeling my hip-hop roots recently (seems the less fashionable hip-hop gets, the more I love it) and this remix of Johnny Pluse's banger 'The Market Street Hustle' is one of my favourite compositions to date. A mixture of 90's style rugged, fat beats, dubby bass and almost ethereal, James Blake'esque lead synths, with a smattering of 90's rave whistle and a drum n bass middle section thrown in... my remix spans several genres while always sounding hip-hop, and yet properly loaded for the dancefloor. 
And my version is only one of 11 fantastic remixes available on this new release. this really is a late contender for EP of the year. Check the official Juno Review below. And, as ever, please support this release by buying it today.

Official Juno Review:
A simply epic remix release of Johnny Pluse's "The Market Street Cut Up" hits the virtual racks this week - a total of eleven mixes in all, including Bristolian beat masher Ewan Hoozami's phat hip hop remake, Dum N Bass's jump-up retread, Funkanomics' nu-funk, cut 'n' paste mix and Mustbeat Crew's MPC-styled version. For a pure bass-gasm, check out Rory Hoy's maxxed-out, pushing-into-the-red belter that loads plenty of pleasing distortion into JP's original.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Wiccatron - Strongbeats EP - JiggyJoe & Ewan Hoozami remix OUT NOW

I am delighted to announce my first track on esteemed breaks label Breakbeat Paradise!
A collaboration with my German friend JiggyJoe, in which we remix label boss Wiccatron's quirky breaks tune 'Strongbeats... it's definitely different to my usual sound, but in a rather delightful way... check it out for yourself and please BUY it
  Wiccatron - Strongbeats (JiggyJoe & Ewan Hoozami remix) by Ewan Hoozami

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Pulpfusion - Street Art EP OUT NOW

2011 has very definitely been the Year of The Remix for me... think I've only written 2 or 3 original songs all year. Instead I have been on an almost constant remixing tip... reworking great songs by the likes of Telephunken, Johnny Pluse, Mr Bird, Mustbeat Crew and many more. One of the most popular remixes I did was my first remix for Swiss badman Pulpfusion, of his track 'Sex, Drums, Funk, n Roll'. Following the success of that release, I'm proud to present my second Pulpfusion remix... this time a darker, deeper hip-hop jam called Street Art. Please support this great release by buying a copy today.

  Pulpfusion - Street Art (Ewan Hoozami remix) by Ewan Hoozami 



Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Funk Against Fascism - Out Nov 4th

'Funk Against Fascism' is a charity compilation raising money for 'Love Music, Hate Racism'.

Artists from Birmingham to Brazil have come together to create an eclectic album representing the broad spectrum of breakbeat sounds, from chilled out funky hip-hop to fierce, bassline-driven acid.

Every penny of the artists' and label's royalties will go directly to the charity, which supports anti-racist and anti-fascist activity and runs campaigns urging people to vote against fascist candidates in elections.

No other charity celebrates cultural differences like 'Love Music, Hate Racism' and no other music genre revels in sonic diversity more than the breaks scene. It's a match made in heaven.


1. Fort Knox Five - Funk 4 Peace ft. Mustafa Akbar & Shunda K (Deekline & Ed Solo Remix)
2. tOtALcULt - One World
3. Super Combo Funk - I Don't Need No Dope
4. BadboE - Stop, What's That Sound?
5. DJ Soo - Feelin' Sanctified
6. Ewan Hoozami - Boob Job
7. Geriba - Dancin´ Feet ft. Quincy Jointz
8. Timothy Wisdom - Check The Living Dub
9. Johnny Pluse - A Breakdown Anthem ft. MC Kawasi & Dan Man
10. PulpFusion - Rocking Kids
11. Zamali - Funky Kasbah (No Flip Flop Mix)
12. Hero No. 7 - Never Ever Had A Hero

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

New JiggyJoe EP

Get on my man JiggyJoe's badass new ep out now on Breakbeat Paradise

Funk From The trunk at Boomtown 2011!

Check out this awesome video of Funk From The Trunk's mini-venue at Boomtown Fair this year... pure carnage all weekend!
We had a 'house party' theme going on, which is why you can see wallpaper and stuff everywhere... let me tell you it takes no small amount of ingenuity to wallpaper a tent!
Anyway, enough about decor, check out the vibes!

We'll be back at a festival near you (and a bigger, badder, better venue at Boomtown) in 2012!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Massive free downloads from A-Skillz, Pretty Lights, The Funk Hunters and Pimpsoul

Some of these are newer than others, but as I'm playing catch up after a long summer, here they all are together... and I guarantee these badboys rock!

A-Skillz - Otis... another killer jam from the man with the midas touch OTIS @A_SKILLZ Remix by A.Skillz
 Free download from his facebook page here

Pimpsoul has done a big remix of that track off the Heineken advert
The Asteroid's Galaxy Tour - Golden Age (Pimpsoul's Jam for Shamb Refunk) by Pimpsoul

Pretty lights is back with an EXCEPTIONAL track called 'I know The truth'. He actually outsampled his basslines onto vinyl and then resampled them in to get an extra warm sound and it really works. No player available for this, just trust me... the man is a bona fide genius http://www.prettylightsmusic.com/#/downloads

And finally, for now... the Funk Hunters drop 4 tracks of heat exclusively for Ghetto Funk Ghetto Funk presents The Funk Hunters (GFD04) by ghettofunk
Download from here http://ghettofunk.co.uk/the-funk-hunters-harvest-edits-free-download-ep/

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

An apology: I have been super slack updating this blog recently! I blam an exceptional summer of gigs and ferstivals for my slackness... please forgive me. I'm gona have to draw a line under the last few months and start again, as there's just too much I've missed to put up now. So, starting afresh... 2 free remixes from me Nick Pride & The Pimptones - Lay it on The Line (Ewan Hoozami Remix) FREE D/L by Ewan Hoozami MustBeat Crew - The Feedback (Ewan Hoozami Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by MustBeat Crew Enjoy!

Monday, 12 September 2011

2 new tracks!

Well I've been busy... too busy to update my blog, actually... sorry about that. I'm going to put together a big post of all the dope free tunes that I should have blogged over the last month or two... any day now...

Anyway, I've been working on some new beats...

First up is my entry into the Record Kicks remix competition for the wonderful Nick Pride and the Pimptones track 'Lay it on the line'
Nick Pride & The Pimptones feat Zoe Gilby - Lay it on The Line (Ewan Hoozami Remix) 192kbps by Ewan Hoozami

And next is a 105bpm hip-hop banger called 'Up in The Air'
Ewan Hoozami - Up In The Air by Ewan Hoozami

Hope you dig!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Johnny Pluse feat. Youth Mass - drinkin in The Sun - OUT NOW

Yes yes, Irish badman Johnny Pluse brings the heat with his first single off his new album... and it features a dope remix by me. He'll be joining me and my homie DJ Vallee at the Big Chill Bar, Bristol on Saturday 27th August as well, so Bristol heads get involved!

Here's the audio previews and the Buy links

Friday, 19 August 2011

TWO new releases out now...

Pulpfusion - Sex drums, Funk n Roll

remixes by Ewan Hoozami, Telephunken, Funkanomics, Frenic, MustBeat, Gemini Bros, Zenit Incompatible, Tosses & Varvez & many more!


Tosses & Varvez - Turntable On - The Remixes

featuring Ewan Hoozami, Ramskank, Rory Hoy and many more!

Tosses & Varvez - Turntable On (Ewan Hoozami 'Moombahton' remix unmastered) by Ewan Hoozami
Buy it here

Friday, 5 August 2011

The Summer of LOVE!

I just needed to write a quick bit about this amazing summer that I'm currently halfway through... I've had some incredible shows and there are more on the way, plus releases coming out, big remixes being penned and some hot collaborations!

So far the highlight of my Summer has been SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL CROATIA... what can I say, it's the best festival in the world, and I was lucky enough to get a set on the Beach Bar on the monday. It was, without question, the set of my life so far. The waves lapping up to the edge of the dancefloor, people having a great time, calling my name etc, HOT girls in bikinis everywhere and stunning weather...just check the pics!
I was so pleased with how my set went, and people after the show really seemed to have enjoyed it, so THANK YOU Soundwave!

August will see me and my Funk From The Trunk crew running the Funkington Manor Stage at Boomtown Fair, and I am also playing sets at http://www.hamswellfestival.com/?page=hamswell_festival_featured, V Festival, Loudmoor Festival, and Soundcrash at XOYO in London! GOOD TIMES!

And there will be the following releases out:

1) August 8th Pulpfusion - Sex, Drums, Funk n Roll (featuring remixes from me, Funkanomics, Telephunken, Frenic, Gemini Brothers and many more)

2) August 8th Tosses & Varvez - Turntable On (featuring remixes from me, Rory Hoy, Ramskank and more)

3) August 24th Johnny Pluse feat. Youth Mass - Drinking in The Sun (featuring remixes from me, Dusty Tones, Hidden Riddim and more)

And finally I'm beginning work on a collaboration with Tru Thoughts/Grand Central legend Jon Kennedy - we will be remixing The Gemini Brothers for Big M Records.

So, all in all, a lot to look out for and a lot of love to come!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Mash up Monday!

It's monday morning and already I've nearly died. Not a figure of speech, I was just in a high speed bike accident. I'm OK though!

Anyway, speaking of things that crash, here are 2 banging mash ups from Frenic and Blend Mishkin & Hidden Riddim AKA Mr Mention & General Tack... both mashes are FREE DOWNLOADS

Frenic has mashed up a party-destroying blend of Mr Oizo and Salt n Pepa to deadly effect...
Salt n Pepa vs Mr Oizo (Frenics Flat Out Mash Up) by Frenic

And General Tack & Mr Mention have delivered a blistering mash of Elephant Man and Dynamite MC on a big original beat and some seedy bass...
Mr Mention & General Tack "Pass it Badman" (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Riddim Fruit Records

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New LIVE MIX from me!

Live @ The Big Chill Bar, Bristol by Ewan Hoozami

This was my live competition mix in the heats to win a set at the Big Chill Festival. Many of the tracks here were edited specially. If you've checked my recent mixes you may recognise some of the mixes I did here - sorry about repeating them, but it had to be done!

In case you were wondering, yes I did win my heat, now I have to do another live mix in the final - if I can make it... If they don't change the date I'm going to be at Soundwave :-/

1) Beasties intro (Thanks to Cheeba for the custom edit)
2) Ewan Hoozami - Level Intro
3) Eric B & Rakim - Paid in Full
4) DJ Czech - Mercedes Benz
5) Timothy Wisdom - Knockdown
6) The Beekeepers - Spelling Bee
7) Pulpfusion - Street Art (Ewan Hoozami remix)
Rollins/Rastamouse skit
8) Ewan Hoozami - Up In The Air
9) Ador 1 - The Renegade Master (acapella)
10) A-Skillz - Tip Up Ya Cup
11) Featurecast - Party Starter
12) Ewan Hoozami - Boob Job (It's a funky feeling)
13) Foreign Beggars & Noisia - Contact (Featurecast's Gold Mash, Electric Infection Re-imagine)
14) Telephunken - Shake Your Monkey (Ewan Hoozami REmix)
15) Buck Rogers Getting Down
16) Ewan Hoozami - Proper Poppa (Ultramagnetic MCs Vs The Nu-Funk Allstars)
17) Ewan Hoozami - Drinking Song (Danny Massure remix)
18) Johnny Pluse & Youth Mass - Drinking in the Sun (Ewan Hoozami Remix)
19) Tosses & Varvez - Turntable On (Ewan Hoozami remix)
20) Pulpfusion - Sex, Drums, Funk n Roll (Ewan Hoozami remix)
21) DJ Fuckhead Outro
22) Tim Minchin - Prejudice (Live)

V Festival - full Line Up announced! Catch me at The Strongbow Stage!


The line up is a LOT better than I expected when I was booked... there are some amazing acts playing, from The Nextmen, Danny Byrd, Jaguar Skills (best DJ I've seen this year), Mark Ronson and loads more... worth a squirt! If you're oop north you should definitely consider it.

Monday, 4 July 2011


Some nice reggae bass vibes with a bit of wobble and a classic accapella... get your summertime choonage here!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fruit of the Boom Out 30th June

I realise I've been a little slack with this blog for a few weeks... busy boy at the moment... so apologies. there are a few cracking releases that I have neglected to tell you about, and I apologise. Omegaman, Fab Samperi and Suonho have all released brilliant music in the last 2 weeks so get on Juno and search them out!

Out tomorrow is the 3rd release from my mate Ben's label Riddim Fruit, and it's a pearler! Definite dancefloor fillers up in here, including a storming one from Funk Ferret (who is rather underrated in my book) and my mate Chamber:

Thursday, 23 June 2011

funky FREE track from Jayl Funk

Mr Funk has been blessing us with several free funk jams that really hit the spot, and this is the latest: I Got Ya.

As always it has his signature tight production and dancefloor stirring funk in buckets... get on it!

I Got Ya (Free Download) by Jayl Funk

Thursday, 16 June 2011

New remix for Pulpfusion - on a Bristol Sound tip

For my latest remix for Pig Balls records label boss Pulpfusion, I opted to create a really Bristol sounding track, with intricate layers of haunting samples, lots of percussion and some heavy bass... I think it's come out pretty good! And totally different to my last remix - it's nice to be diverse!

Pulpfusion - Street Art (Ewan Hoozami remix) by Ewan Hoozami

Colliding Bass - heavy new mix!

I was asked to do a guest mix for the excellent Colliderscope Radio show on Space Invader Radio, and this is the result... 36 tracks in 50 minutes spanning Hip-Hop, Ghetto Funk, Moombahton, Dubstep and Breaks... it's the heaviest mix I've ever done. Get out yer screwface!

1) Moods and Grooves - Funky Music
2) PUTS - Trippin at The Disco
3) DJ Zeph - Cuidado Muchachos feat Lauryn Hill
4) DJ Twister - Ready or not Express Yourself
5) Mr B.I.R.D - I Feel like shifting gears
6) Ewan Hoozami - Straight out of Charleston
9) CMC & Silenta - Funkytown feat Penny (Nick Thayer Remix)
10) Stickybuds - Crowd Murder
11) Daft Punk - High Life (WBBL Remix)
12) J Roc - Mr Big Stuff
13) Ray Charles/Opuio - Good Thymes
14) Funkanomics Vs DJ Detta - Jucachavecczx Stand Up
15) Loopus Amadeus Freqnik - Work
16) A-Mac - Long Train to Moombahton
17) Adele - Rollin in The Deep (DJ Groovematic remix)
18) Ewan Hoozami - Explicit Pieces (Vent Vs Del)
19) Flore - Raw
20) A-Skillz - Tip up Ya Cup
21) Featurecast - Party Starter
22) Ewan Hoozami - Boob Job (it's a funky feeling)
23) Zed's Dead - Rude Boy (DJ Money$hot's 110 refix)
24) Foreign Beggars/Noisia - Contact (Featurecast Gold Dust Mashup, re-imagined by Electric Infection)
25) Jack Beats - Elevator Music (Efendi's Up and Down remix)
26) TC - Where's My Money? (Featurecast re-edit)
27) Parker - Where's My Monkey?
28) DJ Kriptix feat Ivy Cairo - Mechanized
29) Nogiard - Black Pearl
30) Cut & run - Outta Space
31) Vent - Shogun of The Dark
32) The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Fixed Point's dubstep remix)
33) Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire (Zed's Dead remix)
34) Skream Vs DJ Detta - Get Your Freakin Boat Party On
35) Cassius - I Love You So Much (Krusha Remix)
36) Tiplo & Diesto - Busta's Jungle Surprise

Monday, 13 June 2011

Frenic's new EP drops today!

My good friend Frenic is back with a belting new EP on Pig Balls Records... SoulBass has his trademark soulful sampling and deep beats, but this time he's cranked up the bass and set lasers for 'dance'... 'like hip-hop on MDMA'... so if that sounds like your cup of tea (you're here, so I assume it does) check it out:

And BUY it today!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Brisfest promo video feat my track

Revolution. from Oliver Mochizuki on Vimeo.

LOVE this locally run festival, always had a great time... so I was honoured to be asked to provide a song for the official promo video... check it out!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Cheesy happy summer tune from me - remix for Johnny Pluse

This track is ridiculously happy... it's as cheesy as I'll ever go so make the most of it!
I was asked to do a remix for crack, or perhaps craic, Irish producer and Bulabeats label boss Johnny Pluse, for a great track off his new album, and next single, 'Drinking in the Sun feat. Youth Mass'.
The vocal has a slightly folky Irish charm, and, well, I dunno.... my remix just came out really cheesy, happy, summery... which maybe doesn't sound like a good thing... but give it a couple of listens and I guarantee you'll be humming along!

Johnny Pluse feat. Youth Mass - Drinking in the sun (Ewan Hoozami remix) by Ewan Hoozami

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hame One, Jakatak & Antidote on Solid Steel - big mix

These boys have been rocking out on t'other side of the world the past few months, out in Whistler, were by all accounts they've become something of a sensation... and no surprise to me - when they were in the South West they were already a fiendishly tight turntable team! Hamish is a mate from Bristol days so it gives me great pleasure to blog their latest mix, which graces the hallowed vaults of that Ninja Tune radio shabang, Solid Steel.
It's a top, top mix that incorporates turntablism and tight cuts with lots of bassy shenanigans ranging from hip-hop to dubs, bass music and dnb. Check it!

Shhh! Mixtape 2011 by Itchy & Skratchy Djs

Opiuo _ Off Chops _ Addictech
JPOD _ Hobblestone _ Swing Set Sounds
Roots Manuva _ Witness Dub _ Big Dada
Lords of the underground _ Tell me what i'm after _ unknown
Kenny Dope _ Get on down _ KDP
Nas _ Nas is like _ Columbia
Wu Tang Clan _ Method Man Remix _ Loud
Das EFX _ Real Hip Hop _ Goodgroove
Naughty by Nature _ Hip Hop Hooray _ Tommy Boy
People under the Stairs _ Trippin at the Disco _ OM
Digital underground _ Humpty dance _ Tommy Boy
Main source _ Fakin' the Funk _ Wild Pitch
Jurassic 5 _ Whats Golden _ Interscope
Nice and Smooth _ Hip hop Junkies _ Rush
Fu-Schnickens _ La Schmoove _ Native Tongues
Jurrasic 5 _ Jayou _ Interscope
Doug e Fresh _ La di da di _ Cooltempo
Gangstarr _ Code of the streets _ Chrysalis
Showbiz & AG _ Party Groove _ Showbiz
Jurassic 5 _ The Influence [Acapella] _ Interscope
JPOD _ Particle Path _ Swing Set sounds
A Skillz _ Flow Banger _ Insane Bangers
Krafty kuts & Mooqee _ Funk Machine man _ Bombstrikes
Mooqee vs Beatvandals _ Shooting _ Bombstrikes
Leisure all-stars _ How we Roll _ Leisure Recordings
Bryx _ Eradicate VIP _ unknown
Dr Dre & Snoop dog _ Next Episode - Neon Steve re-rub _ unknown
Nick Thayer _ Get up _ Bombstrikes
Vato Gonzalez _ Badman Riddim _ Ministry of Sound
Josh Wink _ Higher state of consciousness _ unknown
Tomb Crew _ Bigger than _ unknown
Sharps _ Girls sweat [Electro wobble step mix] _ Promo Records
Jinx in Dub _ Rockerz _ Bassrock
MJ Cole _ Sincere [Nero remix] _ Profilic
Giant _ Drumstick [Ashes remix] _ unknown
Excision & Datsik _ Swagger _ EX7
DJ Kool _ Let me clear my throat _ American Recordings
Neighbour & Spiltmilk _ Get with his [Opiuo remix] _ Addictech
D*Funk _ The Boss _ Gritz n Gravy
Nosia & Foreign Beggars _ Contact _ unknown
Ed Rush & Optical _ Pacman _ Virus
Bad company _ The Nine _ BC Recordings
DJ Zinc _ Super Sharp Shooter _ Ganja
Featurecast _ Sniper _ Ghetto Funk
AC Slater _ Hello [Neon Steve remix] _ unknown
TC _ Wheres my Money [Featurecast re-dub] _ unknown
Dead prez _ Its bigger than Hip Hop [Adam F & Fresh remix] _ Breakbeat Chaos
Nick Thayer _ Just let it go [Matt the alien remix] _ unknown
Bassbin twins _ Woppa _ Bassbin Records
Rack n Ruin _ Soundclash _ Black Butter
Azzido da bass _ Dooms night [Stanton warriors remix] _ Central Station
Prodigy _ Breathe _ XL
Alter ego _ Rocker [Stanton warriors remix] _ unknown
AC Slater _ Jack got Jacked [Jack beats remix] _ unknown
Mr Ozio _ Flat Beat _ unknown
AC Slater _ Jack got Jacked [Freddy Pimms re-rub] _ unknown
Ray Keith _ Chopper [Shy FX remix] _ Dread
Opiuo _ Petrichor _ Addictech
Dizzie Rascal _ Sirens [Bezwun banger mix] _ unknown
Stickybuds _ Bass Now VIP _ Ghetto Funk

Stickybuds EP out now!

But vinyl is not dead yet! (See my Eccentric Audio post for that reference)

Stickybuds, my new mate and super fresh producer from that Canada place, has finally dropped his much anticipated EP on Ghetto Funk Records. It's a monster, following on from Featurecast's exceptional GF001 release. You'll rinse the dance with these bad-boys... and fans of DnB rejoice, there's even a cheeky roller in here!

Woah! Nu-Mark on some next level business... with toys!

Um, there is nothing for me to say. Just watch and be amazed. Nu-Mark is the don.

Smoove & Turrel 'Eccentric Audio' out now!

Could someone tell Smoove & Turrel that your second album is supposed to be difficult please?
It's a laughable notion when confronted with their sophomore release, the sumptuous 'Eccentric Audio', out now on Jalapeno Records. If anything, EA is more refined, more catchy and more soulful than it's predecassor, which may seem hard to belive, but it really is astonishingly good.
But don't take my word for it - check the album preview here:
Eccentric Audio Album Preview by Smoove & Turrell
And then buy it here

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New Tosses & Varvez mix

Big mix from my Italian friends and upcoming producer/DJ types Tosses & Varvez, featuring a remix of me and a remix by me... get stuck in!

Beat 'N Scratch vol.3 by Thirty Thirsty

Turntable On (Ewan Hoozami remix) – Tosses & Varvez [unreleased]
Lando (Funkanomics remix) – Neighbour [2011]
Party People (Danny Massure vs Gopher remix) – Lebrosk [2011]
Zigga Zigga (Nick Thayer remix) – DJ Love feat. Geechi Suede of Camp Lo [2011]
Be with You – Phunktastike [2011]
D-Funk - Nick Fonkyson [2011]
Got Me Burnin’ (Lisa Realeyez re-edit) – Ohio Players [unreleased]
Ready Or Crunk (DC’s Finest edit) – Fort Knox Five vs Opiuo vs The Fugees [2011]
Drop The Bomb (Stickybuds vocal mix) – Santero feat. Credit To The Nation [2011]
Your Thing – BMD [201]
The Finding (Featurecast remix) – The CB’s [2011]
Rock The House (Marcus Dylan edit) – Tom Drummond & Philly Blunt [2011]
When I Left The Party (Telephunken remix) – Prosper [2011]
Get Down Pretty Ladies – Jiggy Joe [2011]
Soul Step (Tosses & Varvez remix) – Ewan Hoozami [unreleased]

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Boob Job!

Brand new original from yours truly... and init a bit of a beast! I actually played this TWICE on Saturday night, it went down so well...
It will be available on an upcoming charity release called 'Funk Against Fascism' along with tracks from some incredible funk artists. Details will follow as I get them. For now, just enjoy my boobs

Ewan Hoozami - Boob Job (It's a funky feeling) by Ewan Hoozami

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

FREE TRACK from me #2 - Proper Poppa

To celebrate gaining my 1000th follower on Soundcloud, I'm giving away this mashupXL... Ultramagnetic Vs breaks and basslines from the Nu-Funk All-Stars... enjoy!

Ewan Hoozami - Proper Poppa (Ultramagnetic Vs the Nu-FunK All Stars) by Ewan Hoozami

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

FREE TRACK from me - Straight Out Of Charleston

I'm basically making up genres as I go here, but I thought "what would happen if you took the heavy drums and bass plus hip-hop vocal cuts ethos of Ghetto Funk, and used some 30's jazz samples instead of 70's funk...? Well, basically, this... and I'm calling it Ghetto Jazz.
And, you'll be pleased to know, I'm giving it away for free, no catch!

Ewan Hoozami - Straight Out of Charleston (FREE D/L) by Ewan Hoozami

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Rory Hoy - brand new 12"

My man Rory Hoy is one of my favourite producers, always bringing the heat... and here he is again with a brand new 12" for the mighty Big M Records...
4 cuts of sick big-beat type funk... all with Rory's signature tight, musical production firmly stamped on them. This one is probably my favourite - teaming up with the legendary Freddy Fresh and making great original breaks...
Go get it today!

Freddy Fresh & Rory Hoy - Trumped (Full Length Version) (Out Now On Vinyl!) by Rory Hoy

Dope Horn EP - Totalcult & Lebrosk

What happens when you take 2 of the Nu-Funk scene's brightest lights, mix them together, throw in some classic breaks and samples, and simmer? Well, this:
Totalcult & Lebrosk - Dope Horn EP
They've both been busily churning out party-centric nu-funk for a hot minute, and this collaboration sees them take on remixing duties for each other's track... with pretty funky results!
Using classic riffs, breaks and b-lines, they still manage to make these tracks sound fresh, and they'll knock down any dancefloor, I'd wager.
Out May 13th on Juno and other good stockists...

CM002 - Lebrosk & tOtALcULt - Dope Horn EP (Released 13th May) by tOtALcULt

Friday, 6 May 2011

May's FREE track

Every month I give away a free track, unavailable anywhere else... kind of a reward for checking out my website.

This month's track is 'Mr Bird - Turtle Surfing (Ewan Hoozami remix)' - available right now on his amazing new album Bird Wolf's Revenge, which I heartily suggest you buy today...


Mr Bird - Turtle Surfing (Ewan Hoozami remix) by Ewan Hoozami

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Free remix from Parker/The Beekeepers

In anticipation of the release of 'Apiculture', The Beekeepers debut long player, one half of the duo, monsieur Parker, has teamed up with Mystro to knock together this rather lovely dubstep remix of a tune from the album 'Queen Bee'. And they're giving it away free. Which is nice.

Queen Bee (PARKER REMIX) by The Beekeepers

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New Telephunken fire

I've been an admirer of Telephunken for some time, as those who check my mixes will know, so when I was asked to remix his latest track 'Shake Your Monkey' I was over the moon. Here's the original.

Shake your Monkey by Telephunken

I wanted to make sure I did it justice, yet I didn't really want to change much as I thought the original was pretty much exactly what I'd write if it was me... so I made sure the drums were tight, ramped up the bass settings to 'filth overdrive' and let the song do the rest of the work! Out soon on Pig Balls Records.

Telephunken - Shake Your Monkey (Ewan Hoozami remix) by Ewan Hoozami

Also forthcoming on Pig Balls Records, Telephunken has done a huge remix for Pulpfusion's track Sex, Drums, Funk n Roll (y'all will no doubt already be familiar with my remix of this track ;-) ), and it's a belter! Really great drums and bass... definite dancefloor filler. I've heard most of the remixes for this release, and it is shaping up to be one of the best releases of the summer.

Pulpfusion - Sex Drums Funk & Roll (Telephunken Remix) by Telephunken

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Regrooved comes to Bristol!


"International party franchise Regrooved arrives in Bristol with the man of the moment, Stickybuds, in tow to rock the Big Chill Bar on Saturday 28th May.
Touring to promote his huge new EP, the Canadian party-rocker extraordinaire will be joined by Ghetto Funk label boss Goodgroove and me, plus Brap FM and Funk From The Trunk residents upstairs all night."

Needless to say I'm delighted to be involved with the inaugural Regrooved event in Bristol, and hopefully this is just the first of many. And Stickybuds as an opening headliner ain't half bad!

To celebrate I've done a big new Ghetto Funk mix, check it here:
First aired on Dicey's Ramp FM show on Friday April 22nd...

Also, this mix is in memory of my cat Weasel, who was put down on the morning after I recorded it :-(

1) Vent - Lunatics (Ewan Hoozami slight edit)
2) Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko remix - DJP's Dubfunk Remix)
3) The Beatles/A-Skillz - Come Together (A-Skillz Remix)
4) A-Skillz - Yap That Fool
5) DJ Task - Get Yourself in Check
6) Kooqla - Mute (Pimpsoul Remix)
7) Busta - Here We Go
8) Featurecast - Party Starter
9) Pimpsoul - On Point
10) The Rapture - No Sex for Ben (Bobby C Sound TV Remix)
11) Featurecast - Sniper
12) Ewan Hoozami - Falcon Punch (Frenic Remix)
13) Ewan Hoozami - Up In The Air (Instr)
14) Neighbour Vs Spilt Milk - Get With This (Opiou Remix)
15) B-Side - Public Service
16) Parker feat. Finley Quaye - Never Do That
17) Funkanomics - Jucachavezxx
18) Parker Vs Fake Blood - Mars Needs Parker
19) Ed Solo - Age of Dub (Parker Remix)
20) TC - Where's My Money (Featurecast Re-Dub)
21) Livingston & Canosis - Uptown Top Rankin

Ewan Hoozami - Regrooved Bristol Promo Mix by Ewan Hoozami

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

New 30 minute mix from The Beekeepers

And isn't it rather tasty?
Top quality fire from two of Bristol's finest, Boca 45 and Parker, in support of The Beekeepers album, which is hotly anticipated and, I expect, bloody brilliant.

The Beekeepers - Killer Calling Card mix by The Beekeepers


13/ ZEDS DEAD – “1975”

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Couple of wicked free mash-ups

By DJ Vapor, a new one to me but a man clearly capable of some dope mashes,... these ones will fill any floor...

Missy Elliott vs. Fort Knox Five & Featurecast - Killa Shots by DJ Vapor

Percee P & Prince Po vs. Ali B and Nick Thayer - N E Greats by DJ Vapor

Massive FREE track from Featurecast

Featurecast is one of my favourite producers right now, mainly because he straddles the line between filthy and funky with perfect balance.. this one has been a regular in his sets of late and for reasons presumably involving altruism and generosity, he's decided to give it away... and, like Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Party Starter by Featurecast

Funky new mix from Danny Massure

Featuring his amazing remix of my 'Drinking Song' too... this one is an absolute treat! Loads of funk, afrobeat and latin vibes... Perfect for a summer's day

April 2011 Danny Massure Mix by Danny Massure

1) Banderas - Mogomake feat Bouloukou (Lack Of Afro remix) Night Shift
2) Christian Hornbostel - Guanakos (Kinskis Daktari Child Rework) Xibaba
3) Kraak & Smaak - Call Up To Heaven (Smoove Dub) Jalapeno
4) Solodinjgo - Afro-Jump (Instrumental) Plaza
5) Farrapo & Yanez - Oliveto (Thykier Remix) UrbanWorld
6) Banderas - Vera - Night Shift
7) Barrio Katz - Tequilimba (Cutty Ranks vs The Champs)
8) Wilson Pickett - Get Me Back On Time (Danny Massure Edit)
9) Betty Wright - Slip And Do It (Mr. Jazzhole Soul Seduction Edit)
10) Soulburger - Voodoofunk rework
11) Pedders - Hankuri - GAMM
12) Richard Groove Holmes - Trouble On The Mountain (DJ Vajra Remix)
13) The Boris Gardiner Happening - Ghetto Funk (Dj Prime Treat Edit)
14) Pedders - Afro Soldier (Erykah Badu) GAMM
15) Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Arroz Con Pollo (Ekobio remix Inst)
16) Gyedu-Blay Ambolley - Simigwa Do (Whiskey Barons rework)
17) Upper's Show Band - The Next Chapter (CaZ Edit)
18) Funkanala - Babakar (Boston Rodriguez Afro-Boogie remix) Here and Now
19) Mop Mop - Hot Pot (Ezequiel Lodeiro Latinazo dub) Infracom
20) Shantisan - Meninas e Meninos (feat. Micheline Cardoso) Eight Dimension
21) Ewan Hoozami - Drinking Song (Danny Massure Remix) Pig Balls
22) OMAS - I'm So Dizzy - My First Moth
23) The Planty Herbs - Do The Chicken
24) Ray Barretto - A Deeper Shade of Soul (DJ Still Life edit)
25) Rude Hi-Fi Barriobeatz - Skandellara Version - Metak
26) Marcia Aitken - I'm Still In Love - Belmont

Friday, 15 April 2011

FREE Bombstrikes tracks from QDUP

Well, I did promise to find you the biggest and best free tracks from Funkland, and they don't come much bigger and better than these two nuggets from QDUP.
Bomb Strikes Records have come over all generous, supplying the entire Bomb Strikes Vol.6 for FREE DOWNLOAD... but hurry, it won't be around forever!

Just follow the usual 'buy' link and you'll see a grand total of £0.00 on your bill when you checkout. Bang tidy.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Thirsty Thirty No. 69 - ME!!! Summery half-hour mix

It was so sunny when I recorded this and I tried to get that summer vibe across in the mix and selection... hopefully I managed it...

Ewan Hoozami - Thirty Thirsty Mix FINAL by Thirty Thirsty

1) Kormac - Studio Sorcery (club mix)
2) Breakdown Bandits - Funky Music Til You Die
3) Totalcult - Hardcore Cramp
4) Hardly Subtle - Funky Soul Slide
5) Pulpfusion - Sex, Drums, Funk n Roll (Ewan Hoozami remix)
6) Ewan Hoozami - Drinking Song (Danny Massure remix)
7) Mr Bird - Turtle Surfing (Ewan Hoozami remix)
8 ) Nick Fonkynson - So Damn Fresh
9) The Bamboos feat Ty - I Can't Help Myself
10) Dagwood - Go Like This (Groove is in the Heart)
11) Kid Stretch - Just Ready to Dance
12) Alvin Cash - Keep on Dancing
13) Herbie Hancock - Rockit (Mr Bird Re-Edit)
14) A-Skillz & Krafty Kuts - Happiness
15) Diplo - It's all part of a Bigger Plan

Funk Party Jams - brand new on Juno Download

Brand new on Dirty Dubsters Digital, featuring some top producers and a cheeky mash-up from me... this one is a must for all you funk party jocks out there

1) Dirty Dubsters - Shotgun Funk
2) Matty Blades - Express Yourself
3) Lebrosk - Party People (Danny Massure Vs Gopher remix)
4) Ewan Hoozami - Spandex There
5) Deejay Romano Gemini - Rasta Rumpshaker
6) Danny Delux - Defective Cassettes

Available now - go get it!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Danny Massure remixes my track Drinking Song!

Another huge new remix... this time it's San Diego's master of funk Danny Massure, tackling my *classic jam Drinking Song

Ewan Hoozami - Drinking Song (Danny Massure Remix) by Danny Massure

* Ok 'classic' is a bit strong, but it was the first track I made that people got excited about, and was released on 12"

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Frenic remix of my jam 'Falcon Punch'

Fans of Ninja Tunes/Soild Steel and DJ Cheeba (and my album 'Wildebeats, of course!) may know this track already, from Cheeba's acclaimed AV mixtape 'Revenge of the Nerd'.
And now, for my official remix album, my mate Frenic has dropped this ENORMOUS remix of it!
You definitely need to listen to this

Ewan Hoozami-Falcon Punch (Frenic Remix) by Frenic

Friday, 1 April 2011

New remix from me - Pulpfusion - Sex, Drums, Funk n Roll (Ewan Hoozami remix)

Just knocked this puppy out (figuratively, you understand)... already received blog support from my pal Mr Soulsbury, and official 'seal of approval' from Russ Cuban and the chaps at Hong Kong Ping Pong (the former will be dropping it dusring his set at Snowbombing). So I'm pretty chuffed with the support!
Decide for yourself if it's worth the hype:
Pulpfusion - Sex, Drums, Funk n Roll (Ewan Hoozami remix) by Ewan Hoozami

This will be on Pulpfusion's new single 'Sex Drums, Funk N Roll, my remix will rub shoulders with the likes of Funkanomics. Release date TBC

Parker Vs Muse

Fans of his last mixtape (blogged here, no less) will already know this stupidly massive remix from my Bristol breadbin Parker.
Anyway, I'm delighted to share this sucker with you, and as it's a FREE download I'd seriously recommend grabbing it post haste.
And as if that wasn't enough, the prolific polymath (he likes it when I call him that, makes him go all giddy) DJP is back with another awesome video to accompany it.
Right, I'm off to annoy everyone in work with my awful singing.
"No-one's gona take me aliiiiiive..."
Parker v Muse- Knights of Cydonia by DJ Parker

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Blend Mishkin - Disco Vampire OUT NOW!

Blend Mishkin feat. BNC - Disco Vampire
I properly love this. An awesome original and some spooktacular remixes on this little bugger. I say 'spooktacular', because it's bursting with B-movie style horror SFX and instrumentation - "elements of dubstep, dancehall reggae and old school hip hop to set a ghostly, spine-chilling scene for BNC to let the Vampire out!"... which, as a B-Movie enthusiast, I really dig. My only criticism is why they called it 'Disco Vampire'... this is hip-hop, dub and dancehall... not Disco. Even dubstep, from Turntable Dubbers, and Mr Benn's inimitable reggae/dancehall beats. But semantics aside, it's a cracking release, which I heartily suggest you grab a copy of with pressing concern. Especially if you like smacking dancefloors.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Cache Well Spent - Mixed by Mr Lingo OUT NOW!

What do you call a mixtape where the DJ has not only selected and mixed great tracks, but has also lovingly re-worked each one in painstaking detail?
Well, a mixtape, I guess. But that doesn't really do justice to Mr Lingo's new, er, mixtape, as it's a lot closer to a mixed album (indeed, these re-edits and remixes could easily shift units on Juno) than simply a mixtape in the classic sense of the word.
Of course, in this day and age, mixtapes are getting a lot more adventurous, thanks to Serato etc, but it's the addition of great production (by ace beatsmith and producer extraordinaire Vee Kay) that sets this mix apart from the rest. And it helps that it's crammed full of classic hip-hop jams!
If I were you I'd be heading straight to Bandcamp to pick this bad boy up...

... and with the official launch of the mixtape on Saturday, I'm looking forward to a weekend DJing with Lingo and the rest of the FFTT clan!
Bristol heads, catch us here:
FFTT Vs Full Melt @ Start The Bus, Bristol - Fri 1st April
FFTT @ Big Chill - Sat 2nd April (Mixtape Launch)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Out today! Mr Bird 'Bird Wolf's Revenge'

What is a bird wolf? And who wronged it, thus impelling it to revenge? I just don't know. Anyway it seems that it's revenge takes the form of some seriously funky, soulful beats from one of the finest producers around. And I have the honour of rounding off the album with my uptempo remix of his 'Turtle Surfing' track.
This is a must-have album for fans of deep funk, soul and beautiful beats.

Oh, OK, you want to hear my remix now? Alright, here you go:
Mr Bird - Turtle Surfing (Ewan Hoozami instrumental remix) by Ewan Hoozami

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Big new release from Johnny Pluse

More Irish fun!
Johnny Pluse, label boss of crack (craic) Irish nufunk label Bulabeats (see what I did there?), drops the second single from his long player “How Much For The Monkey”... well I have no idea how much the monkey is worth, hopefully it's a lemur - those things are awesome - but one thing is for sure: Skanky Bitch is a 115 BPM Ragga/Hiphop/Nufunk dancefloor missile!
And of course comes with a ton of dope remixes...
First up is those German Ghettofunk badboys FUNKANOMICS turning the tune into a savage hiphop sampling Ghettofunk monster. Next up is my pal, the Big Beat don Rory Hoy, who turns the tune into a serious ragga breakbeat old school bassline beast. Then it's on to Totalcult, the Nufunker also does some serious bassline damage, and keeping up the skank levels, while Bulabeats latest signing Dusty Tonez, and Generic People keep up the heat.
It's a good release, this, highly recommended for party DJs everywhere!


Fat new mix from Solid Steels' Benny Boom

It's always nice to see a fellow ginger representing, and when it comes to banging beats and bass, very few do it as comprehensively as Boom Monk Ben. He seems to have changed his name to Benny Boom these days, but whatever he's called, this new mix is 100% fire, served with a side portion of brapple sauce... check her out

Benny Boom's 'Where's My Alibi?' Mix by Benny Boom

1. Mosca - Tilt Shift (Fat City)
2. Red Astaire - No Mo! (Homegrown)
3. The Cheerz - Whooz Da Baddest ?! (TV On Mars Remix) (Moveltraxx)
4. Proxy - 8000 (Diplo Remix) (Turbo)
5. Sonido Rampage y Nader - Hocus Pocus (Unknown)
6. Tape Loops - Never Do That (Parker Remix) (Jalapeno)
7. Smerins Anti-Social Club - Alibi (Mr Benn Remix) (Unreleased)
8. Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (William Breakspear's 'Quids In' Remix) (Unreleased)
9. Jack & Juke - 9th Wonder (First Word)
10. Sub Swara - The Balance (Fort Knox Five Remix) [feat. Fort Knox Five and Mat the Alien] (Low Motion)
11. Hot Chocolate - Cadillac (The Revenge Edit) (Jisco Music)
12. Tori Amos - Professional Widow (SDC Disco Mix) (Ooft Music)
13. Patti Jo - Make Me Believe In You (Loud Minority Radio Edit) (Unknown)
14. Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M (DJ Moneyshot's Travesty mix) (Unreleased)
15. Big Daddy Kane - Raw (Stanton Warriors Remix) (Unknown)
16. The Town - Spartanic(Unreleased)
17. Max Romeo - Protest To The M1 (DeVille Remix) (Senseless Records)
18. DJ Zinc - My DJ feat. Benga and Ms Dynamite (Zinc Music)
19. Dubbel Dutch - Bongo (DDJs Productions)
20. MJ Cole & Wiley - From The Drop (Hint Remix) (Unreleased)
21. Taylor - CMB (Girl Unit Remix) (Super) / Ms Dynamite - What You Talking About!? (Acapella) (MTA)
22. S-Type - Medusa (Phuturelabs) / Tweet - Oops Oh My (Acapella) (Elektra)

Bombstrikes Into Battle Vol. 3 Out Now!

Being as I'm totally broke this month, and my promo copy must be, er, stuck in the post, I haven't maged to actually get my copy of this yet... but that's no excuse for you! It's a ridiculously heavy set of dancefloor bombs that any self-respecting DJ can't do without... need I say more?

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Great new album from Mr Bird - featuring a remix by me!

Mr Bird is a supremely talented producer, that in my opinion doesn't get nearly enough credit! He's prolific, churning out track after track, and has a brilliantly diverse range - from balearic disco to hip-hop, funk, jazz and nu-soul... and each track is always masterfully crafted and beautifully written.
His new album comes out on Pig Balls this month, so here's a sneak preview

Last song is a remix by me...

Thursday, 10 March 2011

My man Frenic drops a tasty new FREE EP

After DJing at probably the best party I've ever been to!

Frenic and I used to DJ at the legandary Arc Bar for my first ever residency, back in 2005... we hosted the downstairs for a DnB night, spending up to 6 hours dropping our favourite cuts of hip-hop, funk and party beats. He taught me loads about DJing, and was always showing me up on the cuts, and not to mention his sick production skills.
So I'm really pleased to support this amazing FREE EP he's just dropped on Dusted Wax...

Download it here

1. Phonographic Introduction
2. Alright
3. Everything Electric
4. Things Get Better
5. You Are The Bomb
6. Echos In India
7. Long Misty Blue

Belting new Smoove mix!

Wack dj mix by smoove by wack records

This mix is pretty damn special!

Wack intro skit
Ray parker junior- ghostbusters
Ohmega watts -that sound inst
Osamati –Saturday night acapp
Breakestra-see sawng inst
Common-go acapp
T ski valley-catch a beat
All the people-cramp your style
Pointer sisters- automatic inst
Spanky Wilson-don’t joke with a hungry man acapp
Caveman-fry you like fish
James brown-soul power
Afro sound system-afroheat 3
7a3-goes like dis acapp
Jurrasic 5-red hot
Eclectic breaks-the snizzel
Diana ross-upside down
Prnce –erotic city
George kranz-din dad a
Gap band-party lights
Boca 45-boca breakdown
Edwin star-25 miles instr
Kool chip-rhythm is the master acap
Tammi tyrrell & marvin gaye-aint no mountain high enough
James brown-feel alright
Burning desire-why she had to go
Soul tornadoes-crazy legs
Quantic & nicodemus-mi swing es tropical
Sleepys theme-still smoking acap
Arrested development –fishing for religion acapp
Smoove-the revolution will be televised instr
Tone loc-funky cold medina-acap
Bugs in the attic-booty la la acap
Wise guys –better world
Africa bambatta-unity acap
The electric south-sing
Derick B-im bad acappella
White label
Stetsasonic-sally acappella
Biz markie-godz
Skull snaps-new day
Shark Wilson-Make it reggae
Spoonie gee-godfarther
Marvin gaye- white
Sly and Robbie fire instr
Jurrasic 5-in the house acappella
Kid named miles-ring of fire
Plant life-instr
Banbarra-Shack up
Serious intention – acappella
Bugz in the attic –don’t stop acappella
P funk all stars- pump it up
Superstar djs-soulfinger
The ju ju orchestra – latin rhythm- smoove remix
Grame b Samba madness-
Bugz in the attic- move aside acappella
Marvin gaye –heard it through the grapevine
Pete rock-the creator
Insight-another intermission
Boca 45 –diago
Torpedo boyz –japaneeze boyz smoove remix
Static-james brown
Lack of Afro-roderigo
Gang star -moving on acappella
Planet rock-breakout
D train-you’re the one for me
Malente –for the revolution smoove remix

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Guest Mix for 247 Magazine

Ewan Hoozami Mix by 247magazine

Track listing:
1) Ewan Hoozami – The Big Beat of Ewan Hoozami
2) Ewan Hoozami – Fuck You, Phantom!
3) Ewan Hoozami – Boom Bones
4) Ewan Hoozami – Motherfuckin Exodus
5) Addison Groove – Beetbang
6) Vampire Weekend – Giving Up The Gun
7) DJ DEND – Chill & Riot
8) Rory Hoy – Baby Likes it Phat
9) Telephunken Que Viva El Ritmo!!!
10) DJ Shepdog – Soundboy Bounce
11) Max Sedgeley – Sound Boy (Parker Remix)
12) Dreadsquad – Caravan (Turntable Dubbers UK Funky remix)
13) Dancefloor Outlaws – Simon Steals
14) Vinyl Life – Hi Tops (Cru Jones Remix)
15) Asbo – Americano Badman
16) Sublime – Doin’ Time (Zed’s Dead remix)
17) Vent – Shogun of The Dark
18) DJ Vadim – Soldier feat Bid Red & Snizza
19) Floored Capri – Record Breakers
20) Spooky – Murderer
21) Mustbeat Crew – The Pig Breaks
22) Makala – Boogaloo
23) The Correspondents – Ah Ha
24) George Lenton Vs Little Jeans – On Repeat
25) The Apples – Ani Ata Vehoo (Feat Shlomo Bar)
26) The Correspondents – Look What you Get
27) Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks

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