New signing to Pedigree Cuts (EMI/Warner), home to Goldie, Ulrich Schnauss, Shawn Lee, Boca 45, Skeewiff and many more.

Ewan Hoozami (Pronounced: /youˈn'hooz'arr'mee / YOU-n-hooz-ARR-mee / "You and whose army") mixes sampling, songwriting and cutting edge production techniques to weave a sound with one foot in the glory days of hip-hop, disco and funk, and the other striding towards the future.

Originally a rapper/poet, Ewan Hoozami took up DJing in the early 00's and won the first comp he entered. From that moment he was hooked, and has played over 1000 shows since. Initially 'just' a hip-hop DJ, he learned his trade among the finest turntablists in Bristol while amassing a huge funk/world vinyl collection and developing a passion for electronic music and soulful/emotive vocals.

In 2007 he bought an MPC and started making dusty trip-hop beats using samples from his ever-expanding vinyl collection.
His debut EP came out in 2009 on Dusted Wax, following which he has put out an album (Wildebeats, 2009) and dozens of other releases and remixes on small indie labels.

Ewan has developed a unique approach to songwriting which he uses to create simultaneously urban and futuristic yet soulful and organic music. 2013 has even seen him pick up the microphone again to lay down rap and singing vocals on many of his compositions and become the frontman for his live band.

He's taken his music as far as Croatia and Greece, all over the UK and to dozens of festivals large and small - either DJing a rabble-rousing blend of the freshest beats, or performing his original material with his full live band

With the worldwide release of his Robot Soul album, and a new EP out in May on the world famous Goodgroove label, Ewan Hoozami is a name to watch in 2014.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Out today! Dreadsquad feat. Tenor Fly

Sweet Thing by Dreadsquad feat Tenor Fly on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download

SF004 - Dreadsquad & Tenor Fly - Sweet Thing (promomix) by Dreadsquad

Big dancehall styles, and a raft of top remixes including my pal Mr Benn... don't sleep now!

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