I'm a DJ, producer, crate-digger, MPC basher, vocalist and all-round good egg by the name of Ewan Hoozami.
I've been played on BBC Radio 6, Solid Steel Radio, Radio Popolare (Italy), and BBC Introducing, released music on Pedigree Cuts, Goodgroove Records, Big M and many more, and DJ'd all over the UK and Europe.
I loosely centre my music around Funk, Hip-hop, Disco and Soul. I love basslines. And drums.
When I'm not doing Ewan Hoozami stuff I can be found doing the following (deep breath):
Running Particle Zoo Recordings
Writing & performing:
House/bass as STEGA
Wonky electronic hip-hop as Sirklz
Bassweight remixes of cult classics as one half of Box Rocket
Analogue sci-fi disco as one half of The Mind-Reading Space Lasers.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Blend Mishkin - Disco Vampire OUT NOW!

Blend Mishkin feat. BNC - Disco Vampire
I properly love this. An awesome original and some spooktacular remixes on this little bugger. I say 'spooktacular', because it's bursting with B-movie style horror SFX and instrumentation - "elements of dubstep, dancehall reggae and old school hip hop to set a ghostly, spine-chilling scene for BNC to let the Vampire out!"... which, as a B-Movie enthusiast, I really dig. My only criticism is why they called it 'Disco Vampire'... this is hip-hop, dub and dancehall... not Disco. Even dubstep, from Turntable Dubbers, and Mr Benn's inimitable reggae/dancehall beats. But semantics aside, it's a cracking release, which I heartily suggest you grab a copy of with pressing concern. Especially if you like smacking dancefloors.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Cache Well Spent - Mixed by Mr Lingo OUT NOW!

What do you call a mixtape where the DJ has not only selected and mixed great tracks, but has also lovingly re-worked each one in painstaking detail?
Well, a mixtape, I guess. But that doesn't really do justice to Mr Lingo's new, er, mixtape, as it's a lot closer to a mixed album (indeed, these re-edits and remixes could easily shift units on Juno) than simply a mixtape in the classic sense of the word.
Of course, in this day and age, mixtapes are getting a lot more adventurous, thanks to Serato etc, but it's the addition of great production (by ace beatsmith and producer extraordinaire Vee Kay) that sets this mix apart from the rest. And it helps that it's crammed full of classic hip-hop jams!
If I were you I'd be heading straight to Bandcamp to pick this bad boy up...

... and with the official launch of the mixtape on Saturday, I'm looking forward to a weekend DJing with Lingo and the rest of the FFTT clan!
Bristol heads, catch us here:
FFTT Vs Full Melt @ Start The Bus, Bristol - Fri 1st April
FFTT @ Big Chill - Sat 2nd April (Mixtape Launch)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Out today! Mr Bird 'Bird Wolf's Revenge'

What is a bird wolf? And who wronged it, thus impelling it to revenge? I just don't know. Anyway it seems that it's revenge takes the form of some seriously funky, soulful beats from one of the finest producers around. And I have the honour of rounding off the album with my uptempo remix of his 'Turtle Surfing' track.
This is a must-have album for fans of deep funk, soul and beautiful beats.

Oh, OK, you want to hear my remix now? Alright, here you go:
Mr Bird - Turtle Surfing (Ewan Hoozami instrumental remix) by Ewan Hoozami

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Big new release from Johnny Pluse

More Irish fun!
Johnny Pluse, label boss of crack (craic) Irish nufunk label Bulabeats (see what I did there?), drops the second single from his long player “How Much For The Monkey”... well I have no idea how much the monkey is worth, hopefully it's a lemur - those things are awesome - but one thing is for sure: Skanky Bitch is a 115 BPM Ragga/Hiphop/Nufunk dancefloor missile!
And of course comes with a ton of dope remixes...
First up is those German Ghettofunk badboys FUNKANOMICS turning the tune into a savage hiphop sampling Ghettofunk monster. Next up is my pal, the Big Beat don Rory Hoy, who turns the tune into a serious ragga breakbeat old school bassline beast. Then it's on to Totalcult, the Nufunker also does some serious bassline damage, and keeping up the skank levels, while Bulabeats latest signing Dusty Tonez, and Generic People keep up the heat.
It's a good release, this, highly recommended for party DJs everywhere!


Fat new mix from Solid Steels' Benny Boom

It's always nice to see a fellow ginger representing, and when it comes to banging beats and bass, very few do it as comprehensively as Boom Monk Ben. He seems to have changed his name to Benny Boom these days, but whatever he's called, this new mix is 100% fire, served with a side portion of brapple sauce... check her out

Benny Boom's 'Where's My Alibi?' Mix by Benny Boom

1. Mosca - Tilt Shift (Fat City)
2. Red Astaire - No Mo! (Homegrown)
3. The Cheerz - Whooz Da Baddest ?! (TV On Mars Remix) (Moveltraxx)
4. Proxy - 8000 (Diplo Remix) (Turbo)
5. Sonido Rampage y Nader - Hocus Pocus (Unknown)
6. Tape Loops - Never Do That (Parker Remix) (Jalapeno)
7. Smerins Anti-Social Club - Alibi (Mr Benn Remix) (Unreleased)
8. Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (William Breakspear's 'Quids In' Remix) (Unreleased)
9. Jack & Juke - 9th Wonder (First Word)
10. Sub Swara - The Balance (Fort Knox Five Remix) [feat. Fort Knox Five and Mat the Alien] (Low Motion)
11. Hot Chocolate - Cadillac (The Revenge Edit) (Jisco Music)
12. Tori Amos - Professional Widow (SDC Disco Mix) (Ooft Music)
13. Patti Jo - Make Me Believe In You (Loud Minority Radio Edit) (Unknown)
14. Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M (DJ Moneyshot's Travesty mix) (Unreleased)
15. Big Daddy Kane - Raw (Stanton Warriors Remix) (Unknown)
16. The Town - Spartanic(Unreleased)
17. Max Romeo - Protest To The M1 (DeVille Remix) (Senseless Records)
18. DJ Zinc - My DJ feat. Benga and Ms Dynamite (Zinc Music)
19. Dubbel Dutch - Bongo (DDJs Productions)
20. MJ Cole & Wiley - From The Drop (Hint Remix) (Unreleased)
21. Taylor - CMB (Girl Unit Remix) (Super) / Ms Dynamite - What You Talking About!? (Acapella) (MTA)
22. S-Type - Medusa (Phuturelabs) / Tweet - Oops Oh My (Acapella) (Elektra)

Bombstrikes Into Battle Vol. 3 Out Now!

Being as I'm totally broke this month, and my promo copy must be, er, stuck in the post, I haven't maged to actually get my copy of this yet... but that's no excuse for you! It's a ridiculously heavy set of dancefloor bombs that any self-respecting DJ can't do without... need I say more?

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Great new album from Mr Bird - featuring a remix by me!

Mr Bird is a supremely talented producer, that in my opinion doesn't get nearly enough credit! He's prolific, churning out track after track, and has a brilliantly diverse range - from balearic disco to hip-hop, funk, jazz and nu-soul... and each track is always masterfully crafted and beautifully written.
His new album comes out on Pig Balls this month, so here's a sneak preview

Last song is a remix by me...

Thursday, 10 March 2011

My man Frenic drops a tasty new FREE EP

After DJing at probably the best party I've ever been to!

Frenic and I used to DJ at the legandary Arc Bar for my first ever residency, back in 2005... we hosted the downstairs for a DnB night, spending up to 6 hours dropping our favourite cuts of hip-hop, funk and party beats. He taught me loads about DJing, and was always showing me up on the cuts, and not to mention his sick production skills.
So I'm really pleased to support this amazing FREE EP he's just dropped on Dusted Wax...

Download it here

1. Phonographic Introduction
2. Alright
3. Everything Electric
4. Things Get Better
5. You Are The Bomb
6. Echos In India
7. Long Misty Blue

Belting new Smoove mix!

Wack dj mix by smoove by wack records

This mix is pretty damn special!

Wack intro skit
Ray parker junior- ghostbusters
Ohmega watts -that sound inst
Osamati –Saturday night acapp
Breakestra-see sawng inst
Common-go acapp
T ski valley-catch a beat
All the people-cramp your style
Pointer sisters- automatic inst
Spanky Wilson-don’t joke with a hungry man acapp
Caveman-fry you like fish
James brown-soul power
Afro sound system-afroheat 3
7a3-goes like dis acapp
Jurrasic 5-red hot
Eclectic breaks-the snizzel
Diana ross-upside down
Prnce –erotic city
George kranz-din dad a
Gap band-party lights
Boca 45-boca breakdown
Edwin star-25 miles instr
Kool chip-rhythm is the master acap
Tammi tyrrell & marvin gaye-aint no mountain high enough
James brown-feel alright
Burning desire-why she had to go
Soul tornadoes-crazy legs
Quantic & nicodemus-mi swing es tropical
Sleepys theme-still smoking acap
Arrested development –fishing for religion acapp
Smoove-the revolution will be televised instr
Tone loc-funky cold medina-acap
Bugs in the attic-booty la la acap
Wise guys –better world
Africa bambatta-unity acap
The electric south-sing
Derick B-im bad acappella
White label
Stetsasonic-sally acappella
Biz markie-godz
Skull snaps-new day
Shark Wilson-Make it reggae
Spoonie gee-godfarther
Marvin gaye- white
Sly and Robbie fire instr
Jurrasic 5-in the house acappella
Kid named miles-ring of fire
Plant life-instr
Banbarra-Shack up
Serious intention – acappella
Bugz in the attic –don’t stop acappella
P funk all stars- pump it up
Superstar djs-soulfinger
The ju ju orchestra – latin rhythm- smoove remix
Grame b Samba madness-
Bugz in the attic- move aside acappella
Marvin gaye –heard it through the grapevine
Pete rock-the creator
Insight-another intermission
Boca 45 –diago
Torpedo boyz –japaneeze boyz smoove remix
Static-james brown
Lack of Afro-roderigo
Gang star -moving on acappella
Planet rock-breakout
D train-you’re the one for me
Malente –for the revolution smoove remix

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Guest Mix for 247 Magazine

Ewan Hoozami Mix by 247magazine

Track listing:
1) Ewan Hoozami – The Big Beat of Ewan Hoozami
2) Ewan Hoozami – Fuck You, Phantom!
3) Ewan Hoozami – Boom Bones
4) Ewan Hoozami – Motherfuckin Exodus
5) Addison Groove – Beetbang
6) Vampire Weekend – Giving Up The Gun
7) DJ DEND – Chill & Riot
8) Rory Hoy – Baby Likes it Phat
9) Telephunken Que Viva El Ritmo!!!
10) DJ Shepdog – Soundboy Bounce
11) Max Sedgeley – Sound Boy (Parker Remix)
12) Dreadsquad – Caravan (Turntable Dubbers UK Funky remix)
13) Dancefloor Outlaws – Simon Steals
14) Vinyl Life – Hi Tops (Cru Jones Remix)
15) Asbo – Americano Badman
16) Sublime – Doin’ Time (Zed’s Dead remix)
17) Vent – Shogun of The Dark
18) DJ Vadim – Soldier feat Bid Red & Snizza
19) Floored Capri – Record Breakers
20) Spooky – Murderer
21) Mustbeat Crew – The Pig Breaks
22) Makala – Boogaloo
23) The Correspondents – Ah Ha
24) George Lenton Vs Little Jeans – On Repeat
25) The Apples – Ani Ata Vehoo (Feat Shlomo Bar)
26) The Correspondents – Look What you Get
27) Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Mr Lingo drops a FAT hip-hop mix

My brother of another mother, Mr Lingo, the founding father and Arkala of Funk From The Trunk, has spent a hell of a lot of time drafting a stupendous mix to celebrate the relaunch of www.UKHH.com - its so dope that even the offcuts make for a barnstorming experience....

So don't be foolish, give it a listen!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Substatic 'Days Go On' - The Remixes OUT NOW!

1) Closer (Junk Remix)
2) Triplet (Ewan Hoozami Remix)
3) Edge of Your Love (Sismique Remix)
4) Wild Horses (Lightfires Remix)
5) Closer (Kloudbreak Remix)

This puppy features some of the hottest new producers in Bristol, which means you'll be getting some serious bang for your buck!
For more about Substatic, check here

Sound of Leisure Radio Show!

Sound of Leisure - Feb 28 - Space invader Radio
Big ups to Jon Kennard for including my track 'Space People' in the mix!

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