I'm a DJ, producer, crate-digger, MPC basher, vocalist and all-round good egg by the name of Ewan Hoozami.
I've been played on BBC Radio 6, Solid Steel Radio, Radio Popolare (Italy), and BBC Introducing, released music on Pedigree Cuts, Goodgroove Records, Big M and many more, and DJ'd all over the UK and Europe.
I loosely centre my music around Funk, Hip-hop, Disco and Soul. I love basslines. And drums.
When I'm not doing Ewan Hoozami stuff I can be found doing the following (deep breath):
Running Particle Zoo Recordings
Writing & performing:
House/bass as STEGA
Wonky electronic hip-hop as Sirklz
Bassweight remixes of cult classics as one half of Box Rocket
Analogue sci-fi disco as one half of The Mind-Reading Space Lasers.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Smoove & Turrel 'Eccentric Audio' out now!

Could someone tell Smoove & Turrel that your second album is supposed to be difficult please?
It's a laughable notion when confronted with their sophomore release, the sumptuous 'Eccentric Audio', out now on Jalapeno Records. If anything, EA is more refined, more catchy and more soulful than it's predecassor, which may seem hard to belive, but it really is astonishingly good.
But don't take my word for it - check the album preview here:
Eccentric Audio Album Preview by Smoove & Turrell
And then buy it here

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